Top 15 Moving Tips. The Ultimate Moving Guide!

Before jumping into the moving process and starting packing, take a look at the next 15 tips compiled by the professional movers from the Sherman Oaks Movers moving company. Follow our ultimate moving guide for a smooth and stress-free relocation process. You can even print it out and use it as a checklist!

1. Purge and Declutter

Your relocation process is a perfect time to get rid of the stuff you have accumulated over the years and years. Since you are already going through all of your belongings, you can locate the things you haven’t used in a while and pass it on to someone who might use it. You can start with your family and friends or go to a local thrift shop and donate some things that will be used by some other person.

2. Set the Date

Moving is a nerve-racking process, but a well-planned moving day can make it an enjoyable and pleasant experience. The best option is to hire our professional moving company to help you out with your upcoming local move and set the date that suits your best. We adapt to your needs.

3. Check the Weather

No matter how funny it may seem, moving on a bright, sunny day can contribute to having a more relaxed and easy relocation. Even though our packers and movers are well-organized and with extensive experience, rain can cause some unexpected things that can affect your moving schedule more or less. Therefore, pick a nice sunny day for your relocation day!

4. Contact a Moving Company

If you search for ’Sherman Oaks CA Movers’ or ’ moving help Sherman Oaks CA’ you will come across our company. Our trained professional furniture movers will disassemble and assemble even your largest pieces of furniture. Call us anytime to get a free moving quote. We don’t have any hidden fees and our service is always tailored according to your needs and requirements.

5. Decide Whether to Self-pack or Use the Help of Packers and Movers

Packing can be a tricky job, especially with some large pieces of furniture, or fragile things such as glass, mirror, vases etc. If you opt to use our help while packing, all of your belongings will be treated with utmost care and as if they were ours. People cherish some things not for their monetary value, but for some other, sentimental reasons, and we totally understand it. Your things are safe with us.

6. Calculate and Order Packing Supplies

If you decide to pack by yourself, you need to calculate how much of the packing supplies you need. People tend to underestimate the amount of time and resources you need to pack your entire home. Order the supplies in time and make sure you have enough, but also that you didn’t spend an enormous amount of money for too much supplies that won’t be used at all.

7. Make a Packing Plan

A good plan of your relocation process is half of the job done. Truly. Make a checklist of the whole moving process and start going through items that need to be done. In that way, you know how much time you need to spend doing certain things and also how far you’ve come. With business aside, children and all of the housework it is always a good idea to have a good plan. If you call our customer support center, our lovely workers will be more than happy to help you out with the plan and tailor our services to your time schedule! You can find us by searching ‘Movers Sherman Oaks CA’.

8. Label, label, label

Label every single thing you pack. Organize the boxes by rooms or types of belongings. This will help you enormously when it comes to unpacking. You can also highlight which box should be placed in which room in your future home, so that the professional movers can place the right box into the right room and thus minimize the time you need to spend unpacking and settling in.

9. Make Arrangements for Kids/Pets

If you know that your moving day will be a hectic one, make arrangements for your children or pets. Have someone come over and take them to the park or for a walk so that you can work without interruptions. Also, moving day can be dangerous for children running around with all the boxes and disassembled pieces of furniture lying around.

10. Clear the Kitchen

Make sure to get rid of all the perishable foods and clean your freezer. Pack only food that can be transported by moving companies.

11. Pack an Essentials Bag

Your first night in your new home probably won’t be the most comfortable one, so it might be a good idea to pack a bag with the most essential things that you will need on your first night in a new house.

12. Confirm the Movers

Call the moving company a few days before the moving day just to confirm we’re still on the same schedule.

13. Make a Final Walk-Through

After the packers have loaded the truck with all of your belongings, go through the old place once more just to make sure you didn’t misplace or forget something. Go through all the drawers and cabinets.

14. Moving time

With a reliable and trust-worthy moving company such as ours, your relocation process will be smooth and seamless. We will transport your belongings safely to your new place. Basic insurance is included in our service, but we are confident you won’t be using it!

15. Start Unpacking!

Upon arrival to your new location, it’s time to settle in! Your local furniture movers will help you unload the truck and assemble large pieces of furniture. Once everything is in your new place, it’s time to enjoy your dream home!

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